Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Words and other things v2.0

After a couple of years using Blogger, I'm tired of the lack of some key blogging functionality. I've decided it is time for a change. I'm moving over to a Wordpress blog. The new URL is inferential.wordpress.com. Unfortunately, indexical.wordpress was taken. I do, however, have the domain indexical.net, which will redirect to the new blog.

All of my old posts and all of the comments have transferred to the wordpress blog. Unfortunately the links on the author names in the comments didn't transfer. There are also some self-links in the old posts that still refer to the blogspot address. I hope to fix those in the near future. Other than that, things seem to be up and running at the new place, so please update your RSS readers and join me at my new place.

[Edit: Please update your blogrolls as well.]

This blog will remain up although I've shut down new comments.

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