Friday, September 19, 2008

Inflammatory quote in lieu of a post

While doing some reading on relevance logic, I came acrossreview of Entailment vol. 2 by Gerard Allwein. It ends by noting that the volume doesn't include recent work on substructural logics and notes that there is an article by Avron that gives details of the relationship between linear logic and relevance logic. Allwein follows this up by saying, "It is noted by this reviewer that linear logic is intellectually anaemic compared to relevance logic in that relevance logic comes with a coherent and encompassing philosophy whereas linear logic has no such pretensions." This was written in 1994. I have no idea to what degree this is still true since I have no firm ideas about linear logic. I'm just discovering the "coherent and encompassing philosophy" that relevance logic comes with. I keep meaning to follow up on this stuff about linear logic at some point...

Since I'm talking about linear logic, I may as well link a big bibliography on linear logic.

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