Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Links abound

What better way to get back into the habit of writing posts than putting up some links? I'm sure someone might suggest: write contentful posts. I am working on that, but all I can seem to manage at the moment is screwing around. I would call it "procrastination" but the only thing I could reasonably be described as procrastinating about is going to sleep.

In any case, I found out that one of my grad student friends, Alexei, has started a blog on logic and philosophy of math related things: Proof and Consequence.

There are also two new reviews on NDPR that could be good and of interest to readers of this blog. One is a review of Stanley's Language in Context. I haven't read it yet. The other is a review of King's Nature and Structure of Content. I read this one quickly and it looks interesting, both for its criticisms of King's specific approach and a more general criticism of the formal apparatus of much of philosophy of language. The author makes a case that many frameworks, from structured propositions to situations, are subject to a version of Russell's paradox of the proposition.


Aidan said...

I thought the review of Language in Context was very good. I'd really recommend it. (Actually, I meant to write a post to that effect yesterday. I should get on that.)

I tried to read the review of King, but the first few paragraphs seemed not very well written. Maybe it gets better, but I found the number of clunky sentences and writing mistakes very distracting.

Shawn said...

I will have to get around to reading the Stanley review.

The King review isn't an example of great writing. It is kind of clunky and the prose doesn't get better, but the philosophical points it makes later on seemed interesting. Although, I mentioned them to Carlotta and she said that a few of the things had been discussed at St. Andrews a few years ago. It was new to me though.