Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Technical difficulties apparently, and LaTeX bonus

Blogger is keeps eating a long post I have on van Fraassen's view of explanation. I don't have the patience to mess with it any more tonight, so I wll simply point out that recently (since February 2007 I guess) a very easy installer for LaTeX has been available on Mac. MacTeX offers a painless installation of LaTeX, the TeXShop front end, and the Excalibur spell checker wrapped up in a 700 mb .dmg file. I recently put LaTeX on a friend's computer and walked them through using it, and it was the easiest installation of it I've done. Heads and shoulders above the old i-Installer way, although that was kind of neat in itself.


nate said...

Speaking of MacTeX, I have no idea how to access the folder where the installer stuck the packages, etc. But I know there's a way. Do you know how?

Shawn said...

I don't know. My installation was of tetex using the old i-installer method. My folders are in my user account's library folder. The relevant ones are texmf and texshop. I had trouble finding the folders on the computer that I used the MacTex installer with. They didn't seem to be in the user library folder, although that was where I expected them to be. There were tex folders in the system library folder, but the OS warned me not to mess with that.