Friday, November 16, 2007

In which I toot my own horn

I found out that I got a small grant to pursue a project on the relation between the philosophy of language and philosophy of science, concentrating on theory change and Mark Wilson's work in Wandering Significance. I'm supposed to write a paper or two over the course of the grant period, so I'll probably be putting some things of that sort up here over the course of the next several months. Which, if you don't get excited by the Brandom and Tractatus stuff that has been dominating lately, will serve as a nice change of pace.


Justin said...

Nice work!

joyrexus said...

You probably know this already, but Brandom has a nice review of Wilson's work: "Platforms, Patchworks, and Parking Garages: Wilson's Account of Conceptual Fine-Structure in Wandering Significance".

Shawn said...

I am a little surprised they approved a grant request that included money for bling. But, that is neither here nor there.

I have read that review. It was actually one of the things that motivated me to read Wilson's book. One of the other things was an odd drive to figure out what he was talking about in his philosophy of language seminar last spring. Brandom's review was pretty good although the ending criticism seemed kind of lame.

Shawn said...

For those that haven't read Brandom's review, it is definitely worth checking out.