Monday, September 10, 2007

Commenters' content

Just a short note directing readers to some recent comments on some things in the archive that would likely be missed. There is a new comment on "Why do semantics?" and one on "Dummet and Davidson on translation", both by Brad. Interesting reading for those who are interested in Davidson. New content from the author to follow soon, I promise.

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Daniel said...

Thanks for the note. Keeping up with comments when you read a blog via an RSS feeder is tricky enough without having to hunt for comments on old posts.

Brad's right that Davidson makes the claim you were looking for in "Radical Interpretation"; p. 129 in "Inquiries into Truth & Interpretation." I am positive he makes something very similar in other places. Poking around with Amazon gives me p.221, from "Reality Without Reference":

"For a translation manual is only a method of going from sentences of one language to another, and we can infer from it nothing about the relations between words and objects. Of course we know, or think we know, what the words in our own language refer to, but this is information no translation manual contains. Translation is a purely syntactic notion."