Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A post more like theft than honest toil

The title contains a variation on what is, I think, one of my favorite phrases. Thank you Bertrand Russell (it is enough to excuse you from the history of philosophy book you wrote). On to the post...

The collection in honor of John Perry, Situating Semantics, is now out. Here is the contributor list:
Robert Audi, Kent Bach, Patricia Blanchette, Herman Cappelen, Eros Corazza, Ernie Lepore, Brian Loar, Peter Ludlow, Genoveva Marti, Michael McKinsey, Stephen Neale, Michael O’Rourke, John Perry, Francois Recanati, Cara Spencer, Kenneth A. Taylor, and Corey Washington.
I haven't looked at it in depth, but there are several articles on unarticulated constituents which covers ground in the semantics/pragmatics debate, including a delightful but excessive article by Stephen Neale (although I must admit, I enjoyed the stories about John from Neale's grad student days). As per usual, there is a reply by Perry at the end. It is one long essay replying to everyone. It makes clear why certain theoretical moves were made, such as the focus on utterances and their relation to information and action. It looks pretty slick over all. Also, in the picture on the cover John looks like he's trying not to make a wisecrack about something happening to his left.

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