Friday, June 22, 2007

Reasons articulated, on to minding the world

The summer rolls on. The first six week summer session at Pitt has ended, and I can now read German slowly. The reading group I'm in finished discussing Brandom's Articulating Reasons. We are moving on to McDowell's Mind and World starting next week. Various people and things have kept me busy lately, so I haven't been posting, but I hope to write up a few more posts on Articulating Reasons in the near future. There is more to be said on chapter 6, and I would like to go back and write up some more things on chapters 3-5, since I've so far only posted on chapters 1,2, and 6. The best case scenario is that I will write those posts. Most likely I'll have things to say about Mind and World and, since I never seem to have time enough for my projects, the posts on Articulating Reasons will get put on the backburner, right behind my posts on Prawitz.

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