Thursday, May 17, 2007

The internets work in mysterious ways

This post is entirely unphilosophical. Sometimes I am amazed at who does not have an internet presence. Some people just do not exist in any contentful way on the internet.

Recently I got interested in the work of Georg Kreisel. I googled him to get some background and an idea of what to read. Not that much shows up. The best thing is this biography of him. He seems not to have written any books. There aren't any compilations of his work. There's just this book, Kreiseliana, which is about him. There are no bibliogrpahies of his work online and for some reason Wikipedia doesn't even have a page for him. The internets have failed me! Apart from his general "unwinding" program, the neatest biographical thing that turns up for him is that Wittgenstein, who he had as an undergrad teacher, said he was "the most able philosopher he had ever met who was also a mathematician."

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Jason said...

The Feferman's Tarski bio contains a few choice bits on the man. Similarly in S. Feferman's book "In the Light of Logic"