Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blogicus Logico-Philosophicus

I had meant to comment on this article on blogging and philosophy linked to by Leiter Reports a few weeks ago. I'm not surprised that blogs were not universally acclaimed as good for philosophy. I think that blogs are very good for doing philosophy though. There are several blogs that feature good philosophy and interesting philosophical projects. An example of the latter is the Tractatus Blogico-Philosophicus, an ongoing translation and commentary on the Tractatus. One of Leiter's complains with blogs is that they are ephemeral. While blogs often jump between several different subjects during a month's worth of posts, these are often related, although not always. An upshot is that blogs tend to leave comments open, so there can be some sustained and fruitful exchanges. I think the comments threads in many of the blogs in the links list support this thesis. While blog posts tend not to be sustained discussions of a single topic consisting of several thousand words, much like an article, this needn't be seen as a defect. They can serve as a research tool to help one sharpen one's ideas and subject them to some public discussion. That sort of public discussion seems like it would be nothing but good for philosophy. There are some people who think that philosophy is an extended conversation, with various articles and books responding to each other to form a long running exchange. There doesn't seem to be any reason to look at blogs any differently as long as the quality stays relatively high.

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david said...

As you linked to a post from our blog, you may be interested to read the views of two of the hosts about the purpose of blogging in an interview they gave.

I agree with you that blogs are good for doing philosophy, as for any other discipline, if run in the right spirit.