Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Reading list

Following the lead of several people I know, I figure I'll post a reading list for this break. Since the break is already well underway, I don't think I'll finish all of it.
Natural Deduction by Prawitz
Seas of Language by Dummett
Through the Looking Glass by Carroll
Artificial Intelligence by Haugeland
[Update: Ole Hjortland's master's thesis]
I might try to read some stuff by Gentzen and post more to this blog as well. I'm also hoping to finish the Sopranos season 1. There's also this book on optimality theory that would be slick but not terribly likely.

Is there something connecting all these books? No. The Prawitz and the Dummett are both offshoots of this interest in inference that I've developed from classes last term. The Haugeland book is there cause I read some stuff by Haugeland for Brandom's seminar and thought highly of it. I'm curious what he says about AI. The Carroll is there cause I like it and want to reread it. It doesn't have anything to do with the other things on the list. It is a fantastic book and I will probably write up something about Humpty Dumpty in the near future. It is also short enough that I will be able to check it off. The Gentzen articles are there for the same reason as the Prawitz and Dummett. I've read some of them, but I didn't spend the sort of time on them that they deserve. [Update: Hjortland's thesis comes on the recommendation of Aidan and fits into the same camp as the Dummett.]

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