Saturday, October 14, 2006

Linguistic Observations and other nonsense

The talk on Friday gave me the motivation to post something about two linguistic quirks in philosophy.

First, there is the wonderful quirk of prefacing an assertion or response with "Look...". If A raises an objection, B replies, "Look, XYZ". Or, to even raise an objection, A says "Look, your position says XYD". Or, as prima facie evidence, "Look, we all admit the empirical reality of time and space." Etc.

Second, there is the equally wonderful quirk of saying that X just is Y. Usually "just is" is italicized. What are mental states? They're identical to brain states, i.e. mental states just are brain states. Space just is the form of outer sense. Noon just is 12 pm. Identity just is just-is-ness.

I have written over a hundred posts, but a few of them are pithy little notes about non-philosophical things. I think this post will put me at 100 real posts. Woo!


Aria Haghighi said...

So the number of posts you have slightly exceed mine. So what?

Shawn said...

You forced my hand. It means I'm a better blogger.